Innovative Collaboration

We build relationships with international businesses looking for solutions in their manufacturing of high volume components and consumables. Our partners are businesses with niche applications or designs, who appreciate the technical collaboration, innovation and service that Synnovia offers.

Technical Collaboration

Our process of collaboration starts with curiosity. We look for the challenges our customers may be experiencing and we consider how we can make improvements. We ask the probing questions. Then we make it our business to work closely with customers to engineer those problems away. These win-win technical partnerships lead to a stream of innovative niche products that improve both businesses.

We work in partnership with a global customer base that includes market leaders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from a variety of innovative and dynamic industries.


Innovation at Synnovia requires deep problem-solving skills and considerable resilience. We learn through the rigorous process of experimentation. For us, the path to breakthrough technology is lined with failures and learnings, each one of these essential for inspired innovation.

Our intellectual property is driven by our experience designing and manufacturing specialist products efficiently to the highest quality specifications. We challenge ourselves to design and manufacture the best possible solution for niches where the needs and solutions are highly specific.


We listen to our customers, take advantage of the latest technologies and we keep our promises. That’s because we’re in this for the long term. We care deeply about our service reputation and live by it to ensure our future success.

Doing it differently

We approach everyday decisions and activities with a set of guiding core values. These core values keep our people focused on the long-term health of our business.

Creating value

We start with the customer and work backwards.

We know that innovation is our life blood.

We strive for win-win with all stakeholders.

Building teams

We lead by giving our teams the space to operate and the support to deliver.

We rely on open communication and constructive challenge.

We encourage collaboration, good humour and a positive mind set at all times.

Developing individuals

We feel and act like long term owners.

We understand that failure and improvement go together so long as grit is sandwiched in between.

We are all Synnovia.

Global manufacturing for global markets

Synnovia sells to over 80 countries worldwide. Our global operating platform enables us to service multinational blue chip original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other customers, wherever they are located.

Synnovia has manufacturing facilities in USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Thailand and India. Our sales offices are in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Japan, India and China.

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Since incorporation on 2 December 2002, Synnovia has demonstrated strong, consistent growth through a mixture of organic expansion and acquisitions.

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January – Synnovia acquired 15% of Bell Plastics, a specialist manufacturer of hose mandrel, and through an investment agreement secured effective management control


November – Synnovia acquired the remaining 85% of Bell Plastics


November – Synnovia acquired Trimplex, a specialist in the manufacture of creasing matrix; and 100% of BNL, a designer and manufacturer of high quality ball bearing solutions


April – Synnovia acquired Cobb Slater, a ball bearing manufacturer. Cobb Slater was integrated into BNL. Synnovia acquired Sabre Plastics, a plastics extrusions business. Sabre Plastics was absorbed into Trimplex  and subsequently renamed Sabreplas


August – Synnovia acquired 100% of Channel Matrix, another specialist in the manufacture of creasing matrix. Channel Matrix and the matrix part of Trimplex were subsequently merged to create C&T Matrix


December – Synnovia joined AIM


March – Synnovia acquired Palagan, the high performance, film-packaging business


March – Synnovia sells Mulberry Plastics (the business formed from the rump of the Trimplex business and Sabreplas)


March – Synnovia acquired Beijing Higher Shengli Printing Science and Technology Co.Ltd, another specialist in the manufacture of creasing matrix


November – Synnovia acquired Flexipol Packaging Limited, a manufacturer of specialist sacks and bags


May – Acquired a 49% stake in CCM (USA distributor of box-making and printing consumables)


July – Synnovia acquired Synpac Limited, a specialist manufacturer of vacuum bags and pouches


December – Acquired 49% stake in Mito (an Italian distributor of box-making and printing consumables).

Plastic Capital plc formally renamed as Synnovia plc


October – Synnovia taken private by acquisition vehicle, BPF1 Limited, owned by Camelot Capital Partners LLC and management team.