Palagan increase the recycled content of film packaging

March 6th, 2019

Flexipol invest in Palagan to meet the UK Plastic Pact Target for plastics to have 30% average recycled content by 2025.

In response to increased demand for polythene with recycled content, the Palagan manufacturing site has installed recycling systems to process their own virgin set-up waste into highest quality recycled materials. Introducing this closed loop recycling ensures films with recycled content offer the same protection and strength as non-recycled alternatives.

Flexipol continue to demonstrate their commitment to recycling and product quality, with extensive testing under way to further develop these materials. Since the recycling system was installed into the Palagan manufacturing site in Dunstable, Palagan recycle their set-up scrap polythene internally.

“Palagan only use high quality virgin materials for high performance film manufacturing. By reprocessing our set-up scrap internally, we maintain complete control of the recycled content and ensure films with recycled content perform as well as those without”, said Simon Barton, Palagan’s Managing Director.

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