C&T Speedpin gains global recognition with folding carton and die maker companies

October 23rd, 2020

Speedpin has become one of the greatest success stories of C&T Matrix. The revolutionary pin, used within the die cutting industry, has become a favourite with folding carton and die maker companies who have replaced traditional stripping pins and frames with the revolutionary Speedpin product.

Speedpin offers a reduction in pre make-ready time and improves conversion efficiencies. Speedpin is fitted in the female stripping board by the die maker and completely eliminates the need for stripping frames and bottom pins, thereby saving time, reducing consumable costs and increasing machine efficiency. It also means no waste is left hanging on the bottom pins, reducing the likelihood of stoppages.

C&T has sold in excess of 2.5 million pins since launching the product in 2019, and can now offer additional technical support to distributors and end users alike. Using BSCI software, C&T can help programme customer layouts, both male and female boards, and will offer on press support wherever possible.

C&T is the world leading manufacturer of creasing matrix, a product used in the manufacture of cardboard boxes, to facilitate accurate high quality creasing prior to folding. With sixty years experience in research, development and manufacture of creasing materials, C&T was the first, and remains the most precise manufacturer of creasing matrix to the print and packaging industries. C&T also produces a wide range of other consumables and accessories in the box-making process.Learn more here.

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