Value engineering saves 90 tonnes of plastic

June 5th, 2019

Flexipol, the specialist manufacturer of sacks, bags, liners and pouches, partnered with a major worldwide ingredients manufacturer to reduce the volume of plastic packaging used. Through a collaborative process, the total volume of packaging used across their Europe manufacturing sites reduced by 15%.

In response to customer demand to reduce the overall volume of packaging used, Flexipol’s innovation team conducted a full audit of bags, sacks, vertical form-fill-seal film and covers being used across all European manufacturing sites. This uncovered many instances of part filled sacks, poor stacking on pallets and a general lack of understanding of the packaging they were using.

In response to these findings, Flexipol recommended a complete new range of sack sizes, to be used across European sites. The new sack range was designed to fit perfectly to the appropriate pallet being used.  This ensured the sacks completely filled the pallet footprint, eliminating part-filled sacks.

In addition, material sizes and thicknesses were reviewed in order to provide the optimum balance of performance and cost.  The total volume of packaging used across Europe was reduced by around 15% (90 tonnes of plastic).

Flexipol continue to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by challenging customers to reduce their overall packaging usage and by their extensive testing to develop new and innovative materials.

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